Quantum Darts® – “Driven by Dreams”

Quantum Darts® represents a passion and dedication to unconstrained, expressive dart design, quality and the quest for engineering perfection. The wait is now over and we very proudly present our range of Quantum signature Darts.


Latest Products

Quantum Darts – Mike Gillet Phase Two – 24.0g
Mike Gillet Signature Phase 2 Darts - 24,0g Barrel Weight
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Quantum Darts – Francesco Raschini – 23.0g
Francesco Raschini Signature Darts - 23,0g Barrel Weight
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From the Blog


Antigrav A Closer Look

Quantum Darts Antigrav – A Closer Look Looking back several decades we saw a completely different stereotype when it came to buying darts compared to our Antigrav offering. The...

Quasar A Closer Look

Quantum Darts Quasar – A Closer Look This style of dart may not be one which you’ve thought about trying before; Maybe each set you’ve seen has missed the key...

Scarab A Closer Look

Quantum Darts Scarab – A Closer Look Recently released, our Scarab range are a bulbous barrel style dart and most certainly one of our favourite sets for sale at the moment. We use...