Resonance A Closer Look
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Quantum Darts Resonance – A Closer Look Our resonance darts have proven to be a popular choice for both UK and International customers since we launched them back in April this year. We use this blog post as an opportunity … Read More

Quantum Darts – Resonance – 22.0g
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Quantum Darts Resonance Steel Tip Darts 22,0g Barrel Weight – Perfect for rear grippers.

Quantum Darts – Resonance – 24.0g
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Resonance Steel Tip Darts 24,0g Barrel Weight – Perfect for rear grip

Quantum Darts Interviews Linda Ithurralde
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Linda Ithurralde – The Northern Star     Firstly Linda thanks for giving us your time today & answering these questions. We are privileged to have someone with such a rich darting history as yourself on our team, especially knowing … Read More

Telstar A Closer Look
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Quantum Darts Telstar – A Closer Look Why 95% Tungsten? Quantum Darts ‘Telstar’ was designed to be a front weighted/balanced dart, but one which does so without compromising the outer diameter at the widest point. As an ideal scenario of … Read More