Mission Statement

We want to provide our customers with a quality product and exceptional service. At Quantum Darts, we hope that you will grow with us and be part of our creativity in future barrel designs.

Our Story

Launching our website September 17th 2018, it initially took us a long time to bring Quantum Darts to market with research and planning, over two years in fact. Our journey started out as a hobby through the collecting & swapping of darts, which grew into an obsessive passion the more involved it became. Having been trading now for many years, we still believe that Quantum Darts is our future!

Quantum Darts are a company based in Swansea, South Wales, United Kingdom and are setting out to target and satisfy key deliverables that we know you, our customers, expect:

* Affordable products

* Exciting/flamboyant dart designs

* Quality (in service and products)

* Focus on customer engagement

If there is one thing that we have learned over the years, it would be the fact that darts, as a game provides, us with unity. Darts isn’t defined or affected by the language you speak, by your race, by religion, sexuality and gender.  Darts is defined by your understanding and enjoyment of the game. Any professional dart player will tell you that they and their game is all that is important and nothing affects that during a match, they focus on one thing – the dartboard in front of them and play their own game.

We encourage you to remember, that how different people perceive enjoyment is different and individual – you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it to its full potential.

We are confident that using Quantum Darts branded products will enhance your enjoyment. Whether you are someone who just plays at home for their own enjoyment in their spare room, or someone who takes the game seriously and plays in local to international tournaments – we have the products for you.


Barrel Design & Development

At Quantum Darts we know how important it is to get all aspects right and are committed to our “Precision Engineering From Billet To Board” so that our products meet and exceed your expectations.

The founder of Quantum Darts, who has an engineering background, is passionate about keeping up with and adapting to meet the manufacturing technology and capabilities in the present time. We strive to express our vision and concept with the application of technology in our designs.


Raw Material

Our products start off as raw material (billets):

Concept Design

Often progressing from scrap paper doodles, we generate 3D visuals of our concept designs, which makes it simple for us to develop and make alterations to our barrels prior to manufacturing.


Our products are manufactured using state of the art machinery and laser marking equipment. This makes it seamless for us to transition between concept designs and final product, making the manufacturing as efficient as possible.

Finished Product

Once finished, our products go through rigorous quality checks ensuring that they are right for you. This involves checking that weights are correct, there are no visible defects and also checking that our products are dimensionally accurate against specification.