Aphelion A Closer Look

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Quantum Darts Aphelion – A Closer Look



Each Dart that we release has an underpinning theme behind it & the Aphelion is no exception. Taking into consideration at the time, that we only had some traditional ring grip darts (in the form of the QD500/501/600) in our offerings, we wanted something which had a more aggressive grip (for those who need it), had suitability for front middle or rear grippers (encompassing the desires for most players) and a hint of expression from Quantum Darts barrel designer mixed in.

(Above: Image of one of the early versions of the Aphelion Dart)

Without compromising on the diameter too much, as a shorter dart tends to be wider to achieve the same weight (not necessarily desirable for close knit grouping), most straight darts fall within the range of 48 – 54.6 mm in length. Typically the length and width of a dart tends to be the principal element, however other factors such as grooving patterns, deep scallops, milled cuts, tungsten (W) to nickel (Ni) ratio; 80% W, 85% W, 90% W or 95% W, would also have a substantial input effecting how the dart feels in your hand & the resultant product. As standard, most darts come as 90% W these days keeping barrel diameters be mid range of the spectrum in it’s weight category and this is what the Aphelion darts are manufactured in.

The Aphelion barrel is split up into three sections and you will notice the symmetry about the centre point of the barrel in this instance;



The front of the dart contains a mid length radius that leads into a mid length section of high intensity shark grip.If you grip the dart at the front then the starting point of the shark grip is in a great position, but it’s important to keep in mind that the grip level (if you hold the dart also on the point), can be increased by fitting some different points which are readily available.


Looking at the centre section you may initially think there isn’t a great deal of grip, however, the subtle scallop specifically placed following the contour of your fingers, and the milled cuts that almost lock the dart as it rolls in your hand on the ‘jagged’ edges really do provide a great reference point.


The rear of the barrel due to the symmetrical nature is much the same as the front. Instead of the radius which is featured at the front of the dart, there is a gradual taper from the outside diameter down to the shaft diameter for a smooth transition.

Technical Specifications

23g Barrel Weight

• Length: 50,9mm
• Width: ø6,6mm
• Tungsten Content: 90% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 23 grams
• Price: £32.99


25g Barrel Weight

• Length: 50,9mm
• Width: ø6.9 mm
• Tungsten Content: 90% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 25 grams
• Price: £32.99



Each barrel is engraved with the Quantum Darts logo defining a true stamp of quality, which is marked in line with the company viewpoint; If the quality isn’t right for us then most certainly not right for our customers & it doesn’t leave the premises!