Griptide A Closer Look

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Quantum Darts Griptide – A Closer Look



‘Griptide’ was our first barrel to be released in both a steel and soft tip version at the same time. Before they were officially released, we ‘tested the waters’ with a concept design through our social media platforms and you may recognise that concept which we shared below;


From the image below, you will see two notable differences between this concept design and the final product;

1) The nose is much more rounded for better finger placement

2) The smooth section in the middle of the barrel was removed and additional grooves added meaning that the barrel could now be suited for those people who grip in the front middle or rear of the dart


(Note: concept below & final version above)


Extreme Front

On the radius at the extreme front of the barrel, there are grooves right the way to the point. For those who grip the dart near to the front (including point finger placement) this is beneficial to prevent the barrels accidentally slipping from their fingertips.


As Quantum Darts are based in Swansea, which is a city that sits on the captivating coastline of Wales, we have lots of beautiful surrounding areas encompassing beaches, parks, mountainous land and waterfalls.

When we escape the office we are always drawing inspiration from the natural beauty which we find ourselves exposed to. While out walking, we were observing the ocean, waves crashing against the shore, the disturbance on the surface of the water and wondering how this could transpose into the profile of a dart.

What would ripples feel like as a grip? What would that grip identify itself as? What is the best way to visualise this?

Adding radiused grooves in between the ‘ripple’ grooves only enhanced the grip intensity and when you hold the dart it isn’t hard to notice the difference adding these grooves has made.


The middle of the dart only really has straight forward radiused grooves, however, the distance between them and depth defines it to be a fairly high grip level.


The rear of the barrel is a section of wavy grip exactly like the front section. Symmetry is evident in quite a few of our designs which you may have noticed by now.

Extreme Rear

Often, coverage of grip doesn’t extend to the back of the barrel right where it meets the shaft – this was something considered when designing these barrels. For similar reasons why grip is required right the way to the point on the front of the dart, people need grip right to the shaft end if they prefer grip at the back.

Griptide Close Up Images;

 21g Steel Tip

23g Steel Tip

21g Soft Tip

Griptide Packaged 

Griptide Barrel specifications


There is no logo on these barrels because a smooth section was avoided to make a fully compatible barrel with grip all over, but rest assured the stamp of quality is still present. At Quantum Darts, we truly believe If the quality isn’t right for us then most certainly not right for our customers & it doesn’t leave the premises!

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