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Quantum Darts – Aphelion – 23g

Quantum Darts ‘Aphelion’ has been manufactured with precision and integrated quality throughout the whole process. The barrel is made of three key sections: high intensity shark grip front, high intensity shark grip rear and a centred section containing a subtle … Read More

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Quantum Darts – Justin Smith 90% – 23.0g
Justin Smith 90% "Prototype" Signature Darts - 23,0g Barrel Weight
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Quantum Darts – Tyros – 23.0g
Quantum Darts 'Tyros' 23g
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Quantum Darts – Griptide – 23.0g

‘Griptide’ from Quantum Darts has been designed with grip over the full barrel length and machined accordingly with varying grip intensities. The barrel has a centre section with plain grooves, two sections of wavy grooves on opposing sides of the … Read More

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