Quantum Darts – Aphelion – 23g

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Quantum Darts ‘Aphelion’ has been manufactured with precision and integrated quality throughout the whole process. The barrel is made of three key sections: high intensity shark grip front, high intensity shark grip rear and a centred section containing a subtle scallop with milled cuts that make the darts find their place when you roll them in your fingers, forming a free flowing feel to touch. They are engraved with the Quantum Darts logo for that unique finishing touch and stamp of quality product.

The darts come complete with standard shape branded 100 micron flights, a set of nylon shafts, weigh 23 grams and are contained within a sleek, compact blister pack.


Technical Details

• Length: 50,9mm
• Width: ø6,6mm
• Tungsten Content: 90% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 23 grams

3 reviews for Quantum Darts – Aphelion – 23g

  1. Gordon Skinner (verified owner)

    I ordered a set of 23g Aphelion darts after having found out about Quantum Darts on Twitter. The biggest attraction for me was the locator in the middle of the barrel & the exceptional looking grip, which is outstanding. The darts arrived, the packaging is simple but effective, maybe some of the other manufacturers should look at this as it’ll last a lot longer than a cardboard box & it takes up a lot less room.
    I use a finger grip point so after I fitted them, I fitted the same length of point as the points that come with the darts as standard & started messing about with flights sizes & stem lengths I found a set up that suits me & I can’t say anything other than good things about these darts, my thumb drops right into the locator making for more consistent gripping & at that price they are great value as well. Go on, give them a go.

  2. Marty McDonald

    A quick review of the Aphelion 23g. I received these darts last week and have to say I’m very impressed. I’m a front gripper and from the first throw they felt very comfortable. I changed the stems to a short set and the darts are flying straight and true.
    I even managed a 180 on my second day with them. These are a great looking grippy dart and are very well priced.

  3. Paul Lewis (verified owner)

    These darts will change your game.
    As a Swansea boy I had to give them a go after seeing Quantum on Twitter and other socials. I have been searching for scalloped dart that suits me for a while and came across the Aphelion. They did not disappoint. I love the understated packaging and the flights look fantastic. The darts are beautifully balanced and the scallop is perfectly positioned. They sit well in the hand and the release is aided by the scallop – really allows you to push the dart to the intended target. They are not overly aggressive on the razor grip and would suit all styles but to really take advantage of these you really want to be gripping on the scallop. I used the points provided but did swap over to apex saber 30mm and having that smooth transition from point to barrel made the grouping a delight. Fantastic dart and will probably buy another set of these just because they are so good.

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