Quantum Darts – Quasar – 24.0g


Quasar Darts – 24,0g Barrel

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Quantum Darts ‘Quasar’ – At first glance of the product images you would instantly note the short barrel and this is perhaps aided by scaling the length from the medium shaft with standard flight attached to it. As these are available in three weights (22/24/26g) each of the lengths has been optimised according to their target weight to make sure that the balance remains consistent on each & below you will find the full technical specifications. Starting at the point end, the profile can be broken down into three prominent sections:
Section 1 – A radiused nose which has a reduced starting diameter & completely smooth feel which also helps to aid deflections.
Section 2 – As the focal point of the overall barrel, this offers a comprehensive grip level aided by subtle undercuts at the beginning and end that allow your fingers to sit into them almost guiding your fingers into position. This means the centre of this section feels more raised than the rest which is great for consistent finger positioning. Predominantly this section is formed of radiused grooves in various sizes & the undercuts are drawn out V shaped grooves.

Section 3 – A taper from the focal grip section to the shaft diameter which has additional grip made up of radiused grooves along it to help rear grippers accommodate the shorter barrel.

The darts come complete with standard shape branded 100 micron flights, a set of nylon shafts, weigh 24,0 grams and are contained within a sleek, compact blister pack.

Technical Details

• Length: 42,0mm
• Diameter: 7,9mm
• Tungsten Content: 90% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 24,0 grams

Additional information

Weight 120 g


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