Quantum Darts – Scarab – 24.5g


Quantum Darts Scarab 24,5g

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Quantum Darts ‘Scarab’ – At first glance of this dart you would immediately notice the bulbous style barrel profile, bulging at the front end towards the point then contouring to the rear end of the barrel where the diameter dramatically reduces.

This curved contour over the majority of its length, works in harmony with the bulbous nose to provide both exceptional balance & additionally, a dart which is comfortable to hold, almost hugging your fingers before it is released/thrown. The combination of small and large radiused grooves provide a surprisingly high level of grip, not necessarily as harsh as the shark grip on our Aphelions however. If you are used to a straight barrel profile, you may be surprised how these feel!

The darts come complete with standard shape branded 100 micron flights, a set of nylon shafts, weigh 24,5 grams and are contained within a sleek, compact blister pack.

Technical Details

• Length: 50,8mm
• Width: ø7,8mm
• Tungsten Content: 90% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 24,5 grams



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