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‘Telstar’ from Quantum Darts has been designed to be a front weighted dart, but one which achieves the target weight without compromising the outer diameter at the widest point. In the ideal scenario, we want to keep the darts as thin as possible, tightening grouping in the trebles on the dartboard, creating more free space for following darts.

In this case keeping the diameter low, was achieved by making the dart from a 95% tungsten (w) to 5% nickel (ni) composition material. This means that the material density to weight ratio is much greater and the barrel thickness comparable to an 80% or 90% tungsten dart in the same length is greatly reduced because there is a higher weight to volume ratio. When designing a dart there are two base variables that have a dramatic effect on the weight A) barrel length B) barrel width but other factors such as groove depth also contribute.

Starting from the point end of the barrel the dart features a radiused nose incorporating a reduced lip for assisting deflections, with a tri-groove pattern along its length, broken up by flat grooves in between which add to the grip intensity. This is a barrel that could suit front middle or rear grip, but extreme rear grip not as much due to the smooth section with the Quantum Darts logo where the barrel meets the stem.

The darts come complete with standard shape branded 100 micron flights, a set of nylon shafts, weigh 22 grams (also available in 24/26g) and are contained within a sleek, compact blister pack.

Technical Details

• Length: 50,8mm
• Width: ø 6,45mm
• Tungsten Content: 95% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 22 grams

3 reviews for Quantum Darts – Telstar – 22.0g

  1. Danny Walker

    after trying a mates set i buy a set of these off him, the packaging is even recyclable . what can i say, the way these darts flight in the board is just outstanding and how they feel when throwing is outstanding to, these darts would suit a player who likes grippy but not aggressive like that you find with some darts were almost takes skin off your fingers, also if you like weighted darts at front they are for you. the points are ever so grippy. the flights that came with great as i normal change darts flights to robson plusflight but these flight excelled my thoughts of use them. overall i 10000000000000000000 percent happy and i will me ordering again if new type of darts come out thanks you

  2. Michael Price – Mystery Man Darts (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these darts now for a few months and I can truly say, – These Darts are amazing, very well designed, with the front weighted taper of the barrel they are very well balanced. With me being a front/Middle gripper I find the weight fits perfectly in my hand and the grip is not too harsh and feels comfortable in the fingers. I have tried throwing them with a rear grip too with some pretty good success rate. I like darts to stand up in the board when I’m throwing and these do just that as the weighted front allows me to throw a little higher then dips slightly to the front which I find great, I use a short nylon stem and No2 Standard flight and this is working great for me my game has improved ten fold since getting these and taking the time to throw them. So thank you to Quantum, I would recommend everyone try a set of these.

  3. Mark Marlow (verified owner)

    So like a lot of us I picked up the darts again during the first lock down, and also like a lot of us have bought many darts over the last couple of years.
    As I’ve been trailing many styles, weights etc I came to find that with my type of throw I needed a front weighted dart.
    I already had a set set of the Griptides (2nd hand, sorry lol) so asked the guys if they had a front loaded dart.
    They gave me 2 choices & when I read the descriptions the Telstars in 22grm it was.
    Great communications, quick delivery & a superb dart, now most new darts go well for a while but I’ve had these darts for nearly 6 weeks & the confidence it has given me in grip and in flight my game is on the up again & I see no chance in buying another type of dart again (will buy these again though)
    Thanks again guys would definitely recommend Quantum to everyone
    Thank Mark

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