Resonance A Closer Look

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Quantum Darts Resonance – A Closer Look

Our resonance darts have proven to be a popular choice for both UK and International customers since we launched them back in April this year. We use this blog post as an opportunity to give you an in depth look at the barrels, give you an insight as to why the design/grooving pattern presents itself in the configuration it does & provide you with some foundation knowledge to indicate whether these darts may be suitable for you.

The Barrel Design

As with most of our product releases (which you will also be able to read about in depth on other posts within our blog), we put a great deal of thought into the barrel design, to make it best suited for our target user, often determined by their specific grip choice and/or barrel balance.
Without us telling you anything about them, initial observations would note that the grooving pattern continues along the barrel length (excluding the small smooth section near to the front where the logo is laser engraved), right to the back end where the shaft is screwed in; But why?

Well, to put it into context; If you were to look at our Griptide dart (pictured below), the grip runs from the front to the back of the barrel. Even though it is a slightly shorter barrel at 48.3mm, this primarily means that it is has the “potential” to suit someone with extreme front, front, middle, rear or extreme rear grip and that realistically encompasses every single dart player.

If however, you were too look at our Aphelion dart (pictured below with black points), there is a smooth section at the extreme rear where some people feel like they need grip the most. Perhaps this smooth area is a little more noticeable on our Triad darts (pictured below in the middle position) with a slightly larger smooth section at the rear/shaft end, but again if you were a front, middle or mid rear gripper then this wouldn’t be any hindrance. If you refer to the image below it highlights exactly what we mean.

This is the main reasoning to why the resonance dart is primarily designed to be a an extreme rear gripper dart; to suit those people who need to grip where on some other darts in our product range, this section may be smooth. Obviously, this barrel can also accommodate the needs of middle and rear grippers too and the balance is perfectly poised for any of these grip positions.

Shark grip isn’t the number one choice for everyone, but these sharks being shallow mean they provide a level of grip which you can locate onto, but not hinder the release of the dart. If the depth/width of these grooves were larger then they may have the potential to catch the skin on your fingers and this is something we wanted to avoid entirely. In similar respects, the five radiused grooves in between the shark grip sections provide a moderate grip level, without being over aggressive. Logic states, where you grip along the barrel determines your points of contact and the resultant groove types at those points.

The last thing to note, considering some rear grippers may place a finger at the nose end of the barrel/on the point is the closely pitched grooves both in front and behind the smooth logo section. These grooves provide a sharper grip which may be beneficial for a lighter point of contact/finger placement (See the image of rear grip further down to see what we mean) as an ‘anti slip’ mechanism.

Over time, shark grooves will dull down/wear naturally, but too enhance this process you can rotate the barrel in emery paper carefully to take the edge/newness off them.

Barrel Specifications & Set Up Images

Resonance 22g

• Length: 50,8mm
• Width: ø6,35mm
• Tungsten Content: 90% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 22 grams

Resonance 24g

• Length: 50,8mm
• Width: ø6,75mm
• Tungsten Content: 90% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 24 grams


Example Grip Positions

These will help give you an indication whether the resonance darts may be suitable for you based on some typical gripping positions that suit the groove configuration; Note these are just examples and each individual will have their own variation to suit themselves.

Mid Barrel Grip

Rear Grip

Extreme Rear Grip


Customer Feedback

These are some comments which we have received from our customers who have purchased and tried out these darts:

“I bought these darts a few months ago needed something with a better grip along the barrel absolutely brilliant great grip back and front well balanced and a nice dart to throw.” – Andrew

“I have been fortunate to have these resonance darts for 3 weeks. The grip is easy, the grip is exceptional and the whole is very well balanced. It’s a real pleasure to play with top quality material. I highly recommend to other players.” – Eddy

“Lovely dart to throw, top quality machining and well balanced.” – Benedict


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